In the summer of 2001, after two decades each in the textile and bedding industry, the principals of Alert Textile Company, Inc. determined that they had a broader vision of how best to service the clothing, bedding and furniture industries from a global perspective. Seeing the increasingly rapid evolution into a global economic marketplace, Alert Textile Company, Inc. (ATC) set out to develop a business that followed a new model for providing product and service to its customers.


While recognizing the need to be big enough to service the largest and the best, the company also recognized the need to maintain the flexibility to continually respond to the changing requirements of the global customer base. Building from the ground up, ATC began their clothing,bedding and upholstery fabric collections by procuring unique fabrics from manufacturers around the globe. As they continued to grow, the company realized the need for internal manufacturing with a requirement to be the leanest and the most efficient fabric producer in the world. By purchasing the most up-to-date and advanced equipments and specifically engineering the machinery to meet their technological and creative needs, ATC now designs and manufactures all of their own clothing, bedding and upholstery fabrics, continuously meeting the immediate needs of their wide customer base around the world. 


In addition to manufacturing dominance, ATC determined that they must also dominate in the creative arena, therefore the company has built a staff of design and development visionaries who range from the most recognized and experienced names in the industry, to a group of young innovators who test the parameters of what design in clothing, upholstery and bedding can be. By combining engineering excellence with design and insights, ATC tackles the issues and concerns of today, no matter how big or small they might be.